Sunday, October 25, 2009

Passengers aboard LZ 129 Hindenburg - May 3-6, 1937

The following is a list of the 36 passengers aboard the Hindenburg on its last flight, with links to the biographic articles for each.

Those who died as a result of the crash are listed in italics.

Leonhard Adelt
Berlin, Germany

Gertrud Adelt
Berlin, Germany

Ernst Rudolf Anders
Dresden, Germany
Co-owner - Teekanne Co.

Ferdinand Lammot "Peter" Belin
Washington, D.C

Birger Brinck
Stockholm, Sweden

Karl Otto Clemens
Bonn, Germany

Hermann Doehner
Mexico City, Mexico
General Manager - Beick, Felix y Compania

Matilde Doehner
Mexico City, Mexico

Irene Doehner
Mexico City, Mexico

Walter Doehner
Mexico City, Mexico

Werner Doehner
Mexico City, Mexico

Burtis J. Dolan
Chicago, IL
Vice President - Lelong Importing Co.

Edward Douglas
Newark, NJ
Director of European Operations - McCann/Erickson Corp.

Colonel Fritz Erdmann
Halle an der Saale, Germany
German Luftwaffe

Otto Ernst
Hamburg, Germany
Seed trader

Elsa Ernst
Hamburg, Germany

Moritz Feibusch
San Francisco, CA
Food broker

George Grant
London, England
Assistant manager - Wm. H. Müller & Co.

Lieutenant Claus Hinkelbein
Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
German Luftwaffe

George Hirschfeld
Bremen, Germany
Cotton broker

Marie Kleemann
Bad Homburg, Germany

Erich Knöcher
Zeulenroda, Germany
Wire manufacturer

William Leuchtenberg
Larchmont, NY
President - Alpha-Lux Co.

Philip Mangone

New York, NY
Clothing designer

Margaret Mather
Rome, Italy

Nelson Morris
Homewood, IL
Executive - Armour and Co.

Herbert O'Laughlin
Elgin, IL
President - Consumers Coal and Coke Co. of Elgin, IL

Clifford Osbun
Park Ridge, IL
Sales Manager - Oliver Farm Equipment Co.

John Pannes
Plandome, NY
New York manager - Hamburg-America Line

Emma Pannes
Plandome, NY

Otto Reichhold
Vienna, Austria
Manager - Beck, Koller & Co.

Joseph Spah
Douglaston, Long Island, NY
Vaudeville acrobat/comedian

Emil Stöckle
Frankfurt, Germany
Mail Inspector - Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei

Hans Vinholt
Copenhagen, Denmark
Retired businessman

Rolf von Heidenstam
Stockholm, Sweden
Executive, AGA Group

Major Hans-Hugo Witt
Barth-in-Pommern, Germany
German Luftwaffe,


Dan said...

Great to see this list! It makes your wonderful blog even easier to use. Thanks!

Patrick Russell said...

Sure thing, Dan! I'd been planning to do it for awhile, rather than just have the page open with the articles.

I'll soon have mug shots up for the crew list as well.

Vic said...

I've been on this site for an hour. Amazingly well done. Thank you for providing this information.

Patrick Russell said...

It's my pleasure. I'm glad you're enjoying the site.

There sure are some interesting stories among all these people, and fortunately not all of those stories end tragically.

Alif danial said...

I dont see any women passenger isee just a few womens

Alif danial said...


Patrick Russell said...

Hi Alif,

There were seven female passengers aboard the final Hindenburg flight (Gertrud Adelt, Matilde Doehner, Irene Doehner, Elsa Ernst, Marie Kleemann, Margaret Mather and Emma Pannes) as well as Emilie Imhof, the stewardess.

Why weren't there more women aboard? Well, for one thing, a lot of the people who bought tickets to fly on the Hindenburg were businessmen who were taking advantage of the Hindenburg's speed across the ocean - two and a half to three days from Germany to New York, rather than five days on an ocean liner. And, of course, back in 1937 a much larger percentage of business travelers tended to be men.

Other than that, I really don't have an answer as to why there weren't more female passengers on that last Hindenburg flight.


Anonymous said...

I'm a 17 year old girl and I L O V E this article. I love learning about history and reading up on these people! Thank you so much for posting this information!

Patrick Russell said...

You're very welcome! I'm glad you found the site. I have been interested in and studying Zeppelin history since I was nine, and of course this led me to an interest in history in general. One thing I've found is that, for me at least, the most compelling thing about this and any other kind of history is the people and their stories.

Enjoy, and be well!

Unknown said...

On this date 6 May 1937, I was six years old. My father and I drove from New York area to Lakehurst, to meet the Hinderburg, to pick up a passenger. The car was parked on a road facing the front of the Zeppelin. When the ship exploded, my father pushed me to the ground and underneath the running board of the car. I didn't see anything, except for the yelling, crying and screaming. When it was over, we drove back home, no passenger. I never knew who we were suppose to pick up. He didn't say. To day is the first time I checked this passenger list. But no name popped out to me.

Patrick Russell said...

Hi Laura,

Wow... that must have been a terrifying experience, not just because of the horrible thing that was occurring, but also the fact that you weren't seeing any of it and were just hearing all the horror and confusion of the adults around the car.

Even though you never got a name, I wonder if we might do a bit of detective work and get some idea of which passenger your father may have been there to pick up. Why don't you drop me an email at and let's see what we can do.


Halra said...

Good to see this list!
useful for me specially,
thanks friend!!

Mic Healey said...

Wow. Very interesting to see the faces and the names of the actual passengers. I am sure this was a tonne of research to put all this together. Thank you so very kindly for all your effort here. I, like you, have been interested in rigid airships for many years and have several fine books on the subject matter. The Graf was my fav. Hey, I was quite surprised to see Col. Fritz Erdmann. In that pic, he looks rather like George C. Scott (of course, Col. Franz Ritter in the Hindenburg movie). Was he doing the same job, I wonder... I still love watching that movie, a bet you do too! Kind Regards, ~ Mic

John Going Gently said...

I remember reading a book about the Hindenburg when I was a teen... Now middle aged and still find the story afar instinct one
Well done a great blog

Chuck Sherrill, Library Director said...

I just finished reading Ariel Lawhon's fascinating novel about the Hindenburg, "Flight of Dreams." She gives kudos to your website for helping her develop the fictional characters out of the actual people on board. Great site - thanks! And those who are interested will enjoy this new novel as well.

Unknown said...

I too just finished reading Fligbt of Dreams. Loved hiw she brought the characters to life. Did you and Laura ever figure out which passenger they were supposed to pick up?

Unknown said...

Your site was a big help in my YOU TUBE series on the Hindenburg disaster called 36 seconds of terror at twilight, the how and why anyone survived the Hindenburg disaster.

Anonymous said...

great list! these people could have been witnesses to american - german business links to have a nice world war

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